August 19, 2011

If not now, when?

Dear Friends and Family-

For my inaugural post I am going to take a moment to explain who I am, my intentions for this blog, give thanks to those who have helped make it all happen.

First, I don't assume that anyone beyond my collection of friends and loved ones will actually take interest in what I have to say, but any/all are welcome to follow along as I make my way across the sea to the Land of Milk and Honey. I'm keeping this as a record for myself and as (what I have concluded will be) the easiest way for me to keep my long-distance familiars abreast of my adventures. However, if you happen to have stumbled upon this page accidentally (welcome!) or just aren't aware of what's happening in my's the sitch:

I am a twenty-something lady from a small town in PA. My undergraduate degree is in Judaic Studies, and after college I spent a good deal of time working in the Jewish non-profit world in Boston, MA. The long and short of it is that I fell in love with Israel. I have spent years studying modern Jewish culture, Mid-East politics, watching current events, and dreaming of what my life could be if I just followed my heart and moved. So, I'm doing it. It took a lot of work, and a LOT of waiting, but I've been accepted to a graduate program in Political Science at Tel Aviv University, and am moving to Israel on September 1, 2011.  There may not be enough SPF in all the world to protect me, but this is what my soul wants. Now is the time.

With that, I'd like to thank a few people who have helped make all of this (the blog, and the move) possible.

37 years strong!!

  • Mom and Dad- their unwavering support has been sustaining. They have always encouraged me to dream big, and while I think  maybe they didn't expect this to be where my dreams would lead they have stood behind me regardless. They are my best friends, and I love them more than anything. I had the pleasure of spending 5 weeks with them this summer, which hasn't happened in years and years. I took this gem of a photo when we celebrated their wedding anniversary:

A pre-departure reunion ordained by the Lord Himself. Maggy, Marv, myself, and Polly

  • Dr. Marvin Wilson- the man who introduced me to the roots of my faith, and opened doors I would never have imagined myself walking through. His prayerful support and guidance have been invaluable. I believe it is rare to find a teacher and mentor like Marv Wilson- people so generous, passionate, sage, and eternally faithful are a once-in-a-lifetime find. I am honored to call him my teacher, my friend. Todah rabbah for all you've given me. 

Isn't she lovely? And talented.
  • The one and only Samantha Beam (soon to be Samantha McLelland)- the graphic designer/art teacher/soulmate with the mostest. Sam designed the beautiful banner for me (and without knowing any Hebrew!) Samantha holds the honor of being the only person who ever made me laugh hard enough to pee my pants as an adult. Her 'dead arm' impression is terrifying and hilarious. Sam kept a blog for awhile, lets just say she is a true wordsmith. Even though she hasn't posted since 2010 I still read through it sometimes, you may want to also if you're looking for a laugh.
Maggy, in her natural state- Dunkin Donuts in-hand.

  • Maggy Nardone Vetterling- responsible for the development of this blog. Also, of my soul. Maggy was the only other Jewish Studies major at Gordon College, and we spent our time together studying under Dr. Wilson. Our niche interest in/love for Jewish culture is what brought us together, and is one of the only things we have in common- somehow, it works. Our friendship was a narrow miss, and a total win. Maggy's blog is sure to be one of my many inspirations (I'll do my best not to copy her style while I experiment with my own...)

So, this has been my introductory blog post/trial run. I'll be updating soon with pics and stories from what I'm calling my "pre-departure" epoch. I hope you'll enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy creating it. Bear with me, I'm learning how to do this as I go. Your thoughts and comments are welcome!

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