July 24, 2012

What else should you be doing right now?


I should be doing homework. Story of my year. 
The thing is...I'm almost always doing something else that's worth procrastinating for- seeing a new place, making a new friend, falling in love...this weekend it was getting out of Tel Aviv. 

Things lately have been stressful- beginning a new (and more intense) semester at school, writing final papers from last semester, dealing with a devolving roommate situation, ending said situation, moving in with Itzik (a blessing, but still an adjustment), planning my trip home to the US in August, babysitting during every possible 'free' moment that I have (this ginger is poooor)...and that's maybe half of it. So, this weekend when Itzik's mom let us borrow her car for a couple of days we took the opportunity to get a change of scene...

The Bahai Gardens in Haifa have been on my Israeli Bucket List for sometime, and Haifa is about a 40 min drive out of Tel Aviv, so after running some errands we headed North. Haifa is built on a slope, and the gardens sit at the top, with a view down to the sea that will knock the wind out of you (if the climb hasn't already...#thankgodforcars). 

(this street cat is living the good life behind the gilded gates of the Bahai Temple)

(I waited here for Mr. Tumnus)

After taking in the view we drove South again and stopped in Caesarea, and after showing Itzik the aqueduct (can you believe he'd only been there once?! when he was a kid! the things you take for granted when you grow up in the land of the Bible, I guess...) we went for a lovely and delicious meal on the shore while the sun slowly fell. 


(Bacon and mushroom pizza. Not kosher. So delicious.)

(Even fancy restaurants have feline beggars. We named this one Junior. He had a diabolical glint in his eyes.)

Honestly, it's been a hectic time for me, and there are moments when I feel like my rope has frayed almost completely. But this day reminded me- I live in Israel. I'm in love. I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

Was there sunscreen involved with this trip?

Anonymous said...

Gur said that you are pretty!
I love the blog, thanks for sharing, please send kisses to everyone, and good luck with all the new beginnings;)