September 29, 2011

A few of my favorite things.

1. Shopping and beaching in Tel Aviv.

Yesterday I spent the morning with Libbie's mom, Rose, at the shuk in Tel Aviv. I don't have expendable cash at the moment, but I needed a couple of things which can be acquired at bargain prices there, and Rose wanted to get a few gifts for friends at home. So,  I practiced my bargaining skills, we walked around the artisan market,and had a wonderful time perusing all the produce, baked goods, flowers etc. 
Eventually, Rose went to work, and I spent a few hours wandering around the city, walking along the seashore, and laying around on the beach. 

2. Babies!

I started a babysitting job this week! I thought it might be kind of creepy to ask the parents if I could photograph their toddler the first time I was officially watching her, so I don't have any pictures to post...but rest assured she is adorable. Her name is Maya, she is 2.5 years old, and she speaks both Hebrew and English. Her parents want an English-speaking babysitter to help her with her English skills, but I am already sure that watching her will help me with my Hebrew (my vocabulary will consist of animals and colors, but that's totally useful in the real world...) Maya and I had a great time together, and it felt great to be babysitting again. I am good with kids, I think because I genuinely enjoy spending time with them, and I think that this job will go a long way towards making me feel like myself again. It's definitely a confidence builder for me, and this is a time when I feel a little less confident in general (the language barrier, a foreign know). In lieu of photos of Maya to post, here are a few of my favorite Boston babies...

3. Krembo.

Apparently, until about 25 years ago, ice cream was not available in Israel during the "cold" season (winter/autumn), and as a substitute the angels delivered...Krembo. Jen introduced me to this tasty treat from heaven a few days ago, and I honestly don't think I can live without it now. Krembo consists of a shortcake cookie with marshmallow fluff (only whipped more) on top, covered in a thin chocolate shell. Simply delicious. I'm planning to do a whole blog post devoted simply to the amazing food here, but this needed to be shared immediately.

Rosh Hashana began today! To my Jew-crew at home and here in the Holy Land...may you have a sweet, happy and healthy New Year! I'm looking forward to celebrating in Jerusalem with some friends tomorrow evening. I'll be sure to post about it soon.

Shana tova l'culam!!!

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