November 11, 2011


Week two of school is under my belt, and I almost made it to all of my classes!

My shitty little rented Samsung phone died yesterday (just like the bee I killed- they're the same size), and in order to get my replacement phone before the weekend I had to skip Political Economics in the afternoon. I was a little pissed about it, cause I'm really interested in this class, but our professor told us that we get no points for participation or attendance, so we could skip every class if we wanted to- as long as we turn in the take home exam at the end of the semester. I don't plan on skipping every class, but I needed to have a phone this weekend, so I did what I had to do.

While I was waiting for the phone to be delivered I studied in a coffee shop on campus, and was propositioned by a few Israeli dudes. I love it here. It's like they've never seen gingers before. The best line of the bunch was "when your phone is delivered will you be able to use it?" Yeah, that's the idea, Ariel.

Some other recent wins:

1. Gym membership- check. 
Yoga, zumba, Krav I come.

2. Israeli bank account- check.
(Yes, I now have TWO, but I'm closing one soon. Don't ask.)

3. Converter for my straightener- check. 
The weather is cooling down and I'm finally able to straighten my hair again without it immediately curling up when I walk outside. It makes me feel like myself. It's also gotten really long since I last was able to blow it out, and I love it- check it out!

4. MASH.
Not the show, the bar. Nikki, Noa, Jared and I went out last night for a drink and ended up at a bar called MASH. There was a sign inside that said More Alcohol Served Here. Fantastic. They didn't have sweet tea vodka, but I think we convinced the bartender to look into it. The place made me feel like I was in Boston again- lots of dark wood, Dropkick Murphys playing, a dog inside. For my Boston friends- it really reminded me of JJ Foleys. I plan on being a regular. But I'll miss Jerry Foley calling me "Sweet-haaat" when I walk up to the bar.

5. French toast.
Nikki's roommate Carmel is my new fave. She used to be a professional chef in Vancouver, so this morning she made challah french toast for us. I should've taken a picture for you guys, but I was too busy stuffing my face. Carmel is amazing, this indebted me to her forever.

6. Hebrew classes have begun.
Finally- ulpan. I'm so excited to finally be studying Hebrew. I decided not to take Arabic simultaneously, it was going to just be too much to keep straight. I've had classical Hebrew in college, and being here for 9 weeks has allowed me to learn some important/useful phrases- I feel like once I start studying it for real I'll pick it up so quickly. So excited to be bi-lingual.

Those are my updates! I'm loving it here, but definitely dealing with occasional homesickness. To that end, I have a quick request:

 My dad had surgery recently, and I really hate being so far away from him when he has any kind of health issue. So if you're the praying kind I'd be grateful if you set one up for him (and for my mom and sister who are home with him as he recovers). He's the shit. I'm so in love with him.

I'm happy you're doing well, Pop! Please take care of yourself.

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