January 27, 2012

Nicole and I had a party.

So this week Nicole and I came to a conclusion- "we have no furniture, we have a lot of space, and nothing valuable to break or steal, so we should have a party." Decision made. We decided to invite a few friends from TAU and elsewhere to join us for a Bring Your Own EVERYTHING party. 

Seriously. Bring your own...drinks, seating, cups, ice...you get the picture.

We've been to a handful of parties thrown by TAU friends who live off campus, and so far they've all been outrageous. I was NOT looking to have the cops called on me in Tel Aviv, I'm fragile and could not handle that in a foreign language (the ER was bad enough)- so we had a modest group of classmates and some Israelis over to help us warm up our otherwise cold and empty apartment.
It was a wild success.

I'm not going to waste your time by writing about it cause pictures tell a better story.
But you should be aware that Nik and I refer to our apartment as "the safehouse" cause it seriously looks like the temporary dwelling of spies or squatters. 

We took that theme and ran with it.

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