April 18, 2012

Off the grid.

So, as usual, it's holiday season again in Israel.
I've been on break from school for about two weeks (Happy Passover!) and the holiday seemed to magically bring with it the beginning of summer- the weather has been beautiful (warm enough to go to the beach!!!!) but not too hot yet.

For the last weekend of vacation I was lucky enough to be invited to a "canta"- which means a bunch of Israelis camping out on the beach, eating tons of meat, drinking tons of alcohol, and chilling out hardcore- this is my scene. My phone died, and for three days I was completely off the grid (and totally happy).

the men TCOBing

the tent city in the dunes (the guys in the corner are grilling meat. this picture was taken approximately 30 min after arriving to the beach)

this kite was helpful for finding your way back to the tent city
yes. someone brought an inflatable couch. these people meant business.

you have to be serious about sun protection.

matcot at the sea (matcot is a paddle/tennis situation)

I'll take my coffee on a sand dune any day.

The weekend was exactly my speed. We went to a beach north of Tel Aviv that was so beautiful and MUCH less crowded than the beaches near my house. The speed of life slowed down for a few days and I could've stayed forever. I loved not checking my phone or email or blog for a little while. 90% of the weekend was in Hebrew, which was overwhelming at times, but most everyone spoke some English, so I wasn't isolated by any means, and it was really good exposure to the language.

I've made a point to not discuss my dating life on this blog because some things are private, and because there hasn't really been anyone worth introducing all of you too. However, things have changed a bit. I would be remiss if I went on and on about how great this weekend was without telling you about the part I liked the most- this kid:

I would like to introduce my public to the new man in my life- Itzik. His friends organized the canta. He's so cute, right? I know. Trust me, he's worth introducing to you. He's my new best friend, and he makes me so happy... (and between you and me? when he kisses me I can feel it all the way into my toes).


Little Blue Knish said...

I am loving TENT city! It's beautiful :) and mmm lovin' the man :D WE MUST GO OUT FOR DRINKS SOON!

Emily said...

LOVE the introduction! Hope we're seeing more of him around these parts. xo

Bridget said...

this looks like so much fun. i wanna camp on the beach in israel NOW.