April 5, 2012

The return of summer.

It seems to me that every weekend between February and May is some sort of holiday in Israel-
this country is not joking around...work hard, play harder.

This week began a two-week break from school for Pesach (Passover).
And, as if in a message from the Lord saying "enjoy yourself in the Land of Milk and Honey"
the weather conveniently became instantly beautiful. It's warm and sunny in the afternoons and cool and comfortable in the evenings.

Nicole, Cara and I decided to start our mini-vacation by marking the opening of beach season.
Yesterday we walked down to the sea, found a few friends from school on the sand to frolic around with, and basically it was a perfect Tel Aviv afternoon.
Summer has arrived.

(We may have even indulged in some shawarma at some point. mmmmmmm.)

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