August 22, 2012

...without skipping a beat.

One of my favorite parts of being back in Boston is saying hello to the neighborhood characters who set the stage when I lived here- the guys in the dry cleaners downstairs, Miguel at the bodega on the corner, Derek in the hair salon on my block- every time the small talk goes something like this:

them: "woah! hey! it's been forever."
me: "yeah, hi! its been about a year. how are you?"
them: "good, good. you? where have you been? are you back for good?"
me: "No, I live in Israel now. I just come back here to do my dry cleaning." (chuckles ensue...)

These conversations are amusing, and I have to admit that I get a little ego boost from telling people about my time abroad. 
I wanted to move for so long, and I made it happen. I did it. 
Surely that affords me some bragging rights, nu? 

So, I've been in Boston for a little over a week now, 

and aside from those little conversations, I really feel like I've just stepped back into the life I left behind when I moved to Tel Aviv last fall. 
And thanks to my new smartphone...I'm capturing every moment.

Here are some of the photographic highlights:

Chilling in my old neighborhood (love the South End) 

Going to yoga at my old studio 
(check out Sadhana if you're local, it's fantastic)

This is so true, right?

Spending time with good friends 

Ilya's private garden has really grown

everybody has smartphones now...

an outdoor screening of The King's Speech with Mary in the North End

putting on my game face for Field Day (I medaled in Cornhole, nbd)

Watching Liron frolic during a Jazz concert in Union Park

post-field day drinks at some dive bar in JP, of course (Marzipan loves JP)

Riding the T like a pro (not a big deal)

Hangin' out with my favorite little girl (Liron's love)

we had a girls' night when Sasha and Ellen saw a movie, 
and when it was time to go to sleep Liron's cute little voice rang out with 
"...maybe Jenna will cuddle with you before you go to sleep." 
How could I say no?

So, all in all, I've been having a great time. I miss my friends in Israel, and I miss Itzik like crazy- but Skype makes it bearable, and I'm trying to focus on enjoying every moment here while I can. 

There's lots upcoming, so stay tuned!

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