January 26, 2013

An afternoon with Ellie.

One of the comments I recieved regarding my last post was:
"More pics of Ellie!"
Your wish is my command.

I haven't blogged much about the families I babysit for- mostly an effort to respect others' privacy- but Ellie's parents get how cute she and her sister are, and totally get that an adoring public cannot be left wanting.

This weekend I found the perfect opportunity to share with you guys a little bit of how I spend my working hours...in a magical land of princesses and babies. Ellie's big sister, Emma, recently turned five (going on seventeen...) and Friday afternoon her parents threw a birthday party for 30 of her closest friends. I hung out with Ellie during the thick of it. We went to the park during prep-time, came home and noshed on the abundant fruit and snacks moving between the kitchen and the party, and (she) took a solid nap.

Let me tell you, once she woke up, Ellie (who worships Emma and won't tolerate missing out on any fun) was NOT pleased to be kept from the festivities for things like naps and snacks. The looks that little angel was shooting my way could kill. So, towards cake-time we finally went up to the roof and joined in the fun.

Popcorn and cotton candy machines. Duh.

If I'm being totally honest, Ellie and I were both happy to go upstairs in the end. 
This party was the princess extravaganza of my childhood dreams. I mean, cotton candy? Stop it. 
And the cake...you'd have been drooling too.

Yeah- I had some.

Just stop. 5-yr-old me was green with envy.

Everyone enjoyed cake while the party wound down, and slowly Ellie cruised her way on over to the cake table after the crowd thinned, and dove right into the chocolate-y princess-y goodness--her mom and I were ready with smartphone in-hand. 

All in all, it was a lovely day at work. My job doesn't suck.

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