January 29, 2013


Welcome to the inaugural Tuesday edition of Shazam!
where I give you a glimpse into the soundtrack of my Tel Aviv experience.
Have you ever been watching TV, sitting in a restaurant or cafe, or listening to the radio and heard a snippit of a song that grabs you? or maybe that you recognize but cant place? Well, in these moments I reach for my phone and Shazam the shit out of it (translation- I use an application called Shazam to identify the song in question). Then, when I'm on the bus (which happens a lot these days) I listen to the songs I've recently tagged. And now, you will reap the rewards every Tuesday afternoon as I share with you my favorite song of the week. Hopefully we can open some new musical doors!  Let me know what you think!

This week, as a first time bonus, I'm going to share three of the songs that I've been listening to as of late:

1. Karen Ann- My Name is Trouble

I heard this song on the radio awhile ago, and loved it immediately. There's something wild and dark about her voice that I really love.  She's an Israeli artist who apparently has been making mainstream music for quite sometime. Check out the link to her wiki article (click on her name above) to see some of the stuff shes done. Heard this already? Leave a comment and let me know!

2. The Piano Guys- One Direction Cover

Itzik and I found this group on YouTube, and they do some really incredible and creative things. They perform original music, and (like this video) re-tool pop and classical music in ways you never really expect. This video is by far my favorite to watch- 5 guys and 1 piano covering a cheezy pop song and making something phenomenal.

3. Motopony- King of Diamonds

I think I heard this in an episode of Hung last month (I watched a lot of TV when I was sick, a side effect of this exercise might be that you learn what my television tastes are...). HBO shows are usually a gold mine of interesting and lower-profile artists. I like listening to this while I'm doing domestic chores. I'm not sure why but it makes me feel less annoyed by dirty dishes and straggler socks.

Tuesdays will never be the same.

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