February 11, 2013


This week Itzik and I have a very special house guest named Henry.

Henry is an 11 yr-old Yorkie who wriggled his way into our hearts when his family went to France for a week. He's old, and chill, and doesn't shed. He's the perfect temporary pet. 

He's also quirky.
For instance- he likes to push food out of his bowl with his face and then pick up the pieces one by one and return them to the bowl. So silly.

I know Henry because his mom, Sarah, sends her kids to school with the kids I babysit for.
I actually have a friend crush on Sarah, cause we have a lot in common- she's from Boston, is with an Israeli, watches Fringe...but this is neither the time nor the place to discuss how cool Henry's family is. 
This is about Henry.

He pushes this ball under the couch so I have to get it for him. 

Henry arrived on Wednesday when I was in the middle of a week home sick. 
We spent the whole day together couching and watching The Walking Dead. It was fab.
I've never been a dog owner, but I've watched enough of Caesar Milan to know that probably Henry figured he was the alpha in his temporary home.
Unfortunately, that illusion was shattered around 2am when Itzik came home from poker.
Henry went apeshit...
In order to establish dominance, Henry immediately began humping me.
To make a long story shorter...the established pack dynamic is now as follows:
Itzik is the alpha male, dominating Henry.
Henry (all 10 lbs of him) dominates me.
I am the alpha female...so I dominate Itzik, completing the cycle.
Once order was established Itzik and Henry quickly fell in love with one another
and I now have been left feeling jealous of a Yorkie.

But...really. He's so cute that it doesn't matter anyway.
We want Henry to stay.

Itzik took this. This is how Henry gazes at my boyfriend.

A small aside: Do you know what your dog's human voice would sound like? We think Henry's would be something similar to Ted (the bear). Boston accent, foul vocabulary. But cute as a button.

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Maggy said...

This is awesome, mainly the family dynamic. Lucy sounds like a boy now that I think of it. Lets face it, she's too big to be prissy. Also she doesn't always pronounce her r's...