February 19, 2013

Ho Hey. Shazam!

I call these 'friendship benches'. They're all over Tel Aviv. 
They are totally unrelated to this post.

Ok, technically I first heard this weeks featured song on SNL, not Shazam.
But, it is currently my favorite song.
Ellie and I have been dancing our hearts out to it this week.
Honestly, the first time I heard this song (and no one ever sounds their best on SNL) I just knew.
Something about it strikes a chord that resonates in my core.
This song makes me feel like dancing, so don't be afraid to just go with it if you feel the same.

No ones watching...go for it.

The Lumineers
Ho Hey

It's nice, right?

1 comment:

Miss Doodles said...

haha,I call them the "freeky benches" as they're just a bit akward aren't they,facing eachother but like 3 meters apart.

You seem to be just as much in love with Israel as me :)
You got a really cute blog!