March 6, 2013

Sandstorms. Locusts. Shazam!

Photo pulled from The Times of Israel (

Yesterday millions of locusts took to the skies from just south of Israel's border with Egypt, 
and flew north to wreak havoc on the crops of southern Israel's farmlands.
Things just got biblical over here.

The plague of locusts is making headlines due to its size (the largest in decades) but still,
I get the sense that this is old hat for Israelis.
It's funny the things that seem so foreign to me still- plagues of locusts, annual sandstorms...
these are the things that remind me I'm not in my American bubble anymore.
I live in the Middle East.

A view of the sandstorm in Tel Aviv over the weekend.

Oh, and I know I missed Shazam last week. Sorry! I didn't have anything new for you, but here is my favorite song of the moment:

Of Monsters and Men
Little Talks


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