March 11, 2012

!!!חג פורים שמח

Anyway, for those of you who cannot read it, the title of this post is "Happy Purim!"
Purim is my new favorite Jewish holiday (click the link to learn more about the meaning of the holiday).
Aside from the theological reason for the holiday, Purim is essentially the Israeli Halloween- and it lasts for days.

I don't know these this illegal?

Purim Eve was Wednesday this week, so school was cancelled Thursday for the national holiday. That means this is what happened over the weekend in Tel Aviv:
Wednesday (through Saturday)- everyone in costume. Children. Adults. Bus drivers. Everyone.
Wednesday night- street parties and bar parties. many parties.
Thursday night- same.
Friday (Shabbat) afternoon- giant street party downtown during the day.
Friday night- giant street party elsewhere downtown. 
All weekend- pandemonium

Last week my second semester of classes began but it was a short week, and there was palpable merriment in the air by Wednesday afternoon so Daniel and I had a beer between classes to kick off the long-weekend. The picture on the bottom right is just to prove these pictures were taken at school.

Wednesday night I didn't have a real costume so I just went crazy with my make-up (like I always secretly wish I could for real life) and met Minnie Mouse (aka Libbie) to walk around and people-watch/drink in the streets. At one point Libbie saw another Minnie walk by who (upon noticing similar costumes) promptly said in Hebrew "Mine is better than yours." and keep strolling. We decided the best response would've been "Well at least I'm a better person than you," but she was already gone.

Thursday night I went out with my friend Aviva who is an olah (new immigrant) from London (she's also got an incredible beauty therapy business in Tel Aviv, if you're here and looking for a massage or manicure or eyebrow wax...). We went to a party some of her Israeli friends were throwing. As you can see above, my comrades' costumes we're stellar. I sported bunny ears and painted whiskers with the same eyemake up from the night before...I was the foreigner who half-assed the costume. And I was cool with it.

Friday was an epic Tel Aviv day. One of my favorites so far. In the morning I walked around with Rose, did a little shopping and a LOT of walking and just enough lunching. Then I walked to Shmuel Hamelech, a main street in TA that was shut completely down for a giant street party all day from 12-5pm. It was phenomenal- thousands of people, day drinking, partying, dancing, people-watching, chilling. There was a stage set up at one end of the street near the art museum and there were even more just packed in dancing to trance music and having fun. 

In case you don't already know how I feel about isn't "warm" and "fuzzy".

My favorite South Park character- Towlie!

After the street party ended, I spent the evening with Daniel and some other friends just chilling out- we went out for drinks and dinner (maybe eventually dessert, too. Well, definitely dessert- this is the hot cider I had with apple crumble....mmmm delicious):

The evening was spent making new friends, eating, drinking, laughing and dancing until somewhere near 5am.

Today (Shabbat/Saturday) was lovely- one of the warmest days so far (summer will be here soon! in a couple of weeks!) and the weather was perfect for strolling along the beach. At least that's what my friends all said. I slept till 2:30pm and wasn't functional until at least 4pm. After cleaning a bit and getting some things in order Nicole and I had a lovely dinner date and then spent the evening out hobnobbing in TA. At one point I was at a birthday party for someone I've never met. This is what happens here. Tomorrow will be Sunday (aka Monday), and real life will start again. Hopefully I'll wake up before noon (it's 4:30am, so chances aren't great).

Goodbye, Purim. We'll meet again, one day. Hopefully by then I'll have an MA.

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