March 5, 2012

My Camera Batteries Died

"Gingit!" (I can hear all of you saying) "What smooth jams are narrating your Tel Aviv experience?"
(I respond with) "Hush, now, my babies." 

In order to augment the visual and verbal portrait I am crafting, I will now provide you with some of the tunes pumping through my iPod and into my dainty eardrums.

I could've written this song, it narrates my love affair with Tel Aviv.
Unfortunately there's no video (oops!) but it's worth it to listen for a moment. Go grab a glass of water and let it play, then come back and watch the next one. Interactive blog post!

Welcome back. Great song, right? I know. Also, I want to be clear that I do not visualize myself like Florence Welch, nor do I know her just because we are both gingers.

Next, my favorite new video from Kelly Clarkson. The lyrics aren't what grab me about this one- its the sweet beat and totally achievable choreography of the music video! Also, I have a secret dream of being in a flashmob someday. This video is all over Israeli MTV right now, and when I was holed up in a friend's apartment writing my final paper last month I took a writing break to learn these moves every time the video came on:

It's okay, you can watch it again and then keep reading.

Ready? Yes, let's keep moving.
This one again, lacks a video, so go find something to do and just enjoy this one. It makes me feel happy, but I think the lyrics might be dark. Doesn't make any difference in this case, I dig all of it.

Adult Content Alert!
The next song/video are not appropriate for children. But I love 'em, so don't watch this one when little ones are within range.
I'm gonna go ahead and just hazard a guess here:
Mom, I don't think you'll like the song, and the video features scantily clad youngsters drinking and smoking and being silly so you might not even want to watch.

There's plenty more where this comes from but I have to do homework (I promise, Mom and Dad, homework). I hope you guys enjoyed a quick glimpse into my TA soundtrack!

Special thanks to Nicole and Stacy  for feeding me fresh music to keep that hop in my step and feed my soul.

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