February 19, 2012

Happy birthdays!

This has been my weekend to celebrate other people's birthdays.
Friday began with a lovely brunch for Jen- one of my favorite people.

Jen talked me off the ledge once or twice when I first moved here and had the
inevitable and occasional "oh shit" moments. Just look at this natural beauty.

Yom huledet, Jen!!!

The birthday brunch was followed by some birthday day-drinking at a bar called Hemingway's with Stacy .
We got our drink on around 3pm, and justified it by saying we were celebrating a birthday (for someone I literally have met once) and the fact that we turned in our Political Econ final.
Afterwards I immediately went home and fell asleep. At 6pm. Shabbat shalom!

Saturday was Stacy's birthday. She is a vegetarian. So she decided to have her
birthday party in a bar/club that is literally in the back room of a deli.
The bar is called....you guessed it:


So we drank, then ate (at the deli, obviously) and made merry the whole time.
Happy birthday, Stacy!

Also- look what I found.

Someday maybe I'll catch him in the act...