February 28, 2012

Switchin' it up.

So if I turn right onto my street when I leave my house I am very close to a cafe at which Nicole and I have become regulars, so to speak. The coffee is cheap, the food is delicious, and Nik and I have made friends with a few of the girls who work there. I thought for awhile I might try and get a job there. But, recently the guy who runs the place, Roni, has been creeping me out. He's sweet, and harmless, but he hits on me a lot and is oddly moody. 

(sometimes when we walk we hold hands)

So, yesterday afternoon Nicole and I decided to switch it up and take a left out of our building and check out what Sderot Rothschild has to offer in the way of people-watching and coffee-drinking (we also found, of course, a lot of graffiti hearts!). We both love to explore and this photo-safari was especially rewarding- I hope you enjoy a quick glimpse into my new neighborhood.

(mystery artist loves power boxes, modern benches, and other graffiti)

(there aren't words)

(why is this bike so small, and why is his track suit monochrome?)

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