February 24, 2012

My summer vacation.

Ok, it's not summer technically, but I've literally had oodles of time to enjoy Tel Aviv between semesters (with a smattering of schoolwork for good measure) and, as I've mentioned, the weather here is nothing like the winters to which I am accustomed. 

Many of my friends from school have gone out of town over the break, some to the US to visit family, others on safaris and trips to Europe, etc. I would love to travel, but I'm on a tight budget, and I said to myself : "Self! You're in Israel! You're already somewhere new, so go out and do stuff!" 

So, this is what I've been doing.

1. Road trip with Stacy and Katy to Caesarea:

Katy is Stacy's friend from Scotland, visiting Israel on holiday, so she rented a car and we all decided to pile in and drive up the freeway to see something new. We went up to Caesarea and saw the Roman ruins, walked along the beach, took some pictures of the ancient aqueduct (awesome), and did not (I repeat... did not) eat a delicious meal and hot fudge sundae at a McDonald's we spotted on the side of the road along the way. The thing is...McDonald's doesn't count if you're traveling, so even if we had eaten chicken sandwiches and french fries and pop and ice cream at McDonald's (which we didn't) it wouldn't have counted.

2. Graffiti hunting.

I'm still seeing these hearts everywhere. 
More to come, I'm sure. This guy is really getting around.

3. Furniture shopping in Yafo with Nicole.

We didn't find much except a lot of stores that remind me of the show Hoarders.

Well, that and...this:

a dog wearing a fur coat napping on a rolling desk chair in the middle of the sidewalk. 

That's been it so far. Classes don't start again until March 5th, so I'll keep you updated.

Until then...
שבת שלום
shabbat shalom!


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