February 11, 2012

I never want to forget this.

This morning I walked from my apartment for about 10 minutes and was at the Mediterranean Sea.

I met my friend Rose (Libbie's mom) for coffee and breakfast at a seaside cafe.
We chatted, drank coffee, watched the surfers and soaked in the warm sunshine.
After breakfast we walked along the tayelet (boardwalk), joining with scores of Tel Aviv-ians and tourists to enjoy the lovely shabbat afternoon.
Along the way we stopped and listened to a trio of older (Russian?) men sitting on folding chairs and playing music on two violins and a cello. 
I wish more than anything I'd had my camera with me to make a hard copy of this memory: 

the musicians playing skillfully and sweetly, the Mediterranean glistening in the sun behind them, children, couples, friends gathered around to just stop and soak in the beauty of the moment.
It's a moment that I will carry with me always.

אני אוהבת שבת בתל אביב
(I love shabbat in Tel Aviv)

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Anonymous said...

The hard copy (i.e. photo) to capture your moment is unnecessary as it was more than captured but conveyed through your words... Thank you for transmitting such a relaxing experience for all to enjoy through the art of writing.